Club Five Dock RSL is located in the heart of Sydney’s Five Dock business district. With the Dockers Sports Bar, live entertainment, promotions, giveaways, and a children’s playground, the Club has over 180 Poker machines and a membership base of 12,000+ members. The busy venue has embraced the SENPOS system and loves the seamless integration the system offers, the member engagement tools and the excellent customer support.

How important is the POS system to your business?

The Point of Sale system plays an integral role in the success our organisation. It is vital that our POS system communicates with our gaming system and enables our members to receive discounts, earn reward points and spend using either points, cash or cards. Facilities and technology must be of the highest standard to make our members’ purchases as effortless as possible. The system must also be seamless for our staff and have enough analytical measuring tools for management to be able to report upon.

The Point of sale system must be able to run multiple promotions and automatic tickets and most of all, sell raffle tickets in any area for our raffle draws.

What are three benefits you’ve experienced as a result of implementing the SENPOS system?

Front of House – The staff have learnt the system easily. The mapping and images make it easy for our staff to navigate and having all of the promotions running in the background to automate tickets takes out the guess work.  This all helps to alleviate member and guest complaints.

Back of House – Stocktake has become more accurate and the SENPOS system has cut down the amount of time taken to count stock. The scanner plays a big part in counting/scanning/measuring all products, once again making the process seamless. This has definitely saved the club money!

Management – Measurement and reporting have become more accurate, and importantly, running multiple promotions is now possible with the automation. Reward systems are now in place to eliminate printing of reward cards, like coffee cards. The selling of raffle tickets is now sold at multiple locations in the venue which has seen an increase in sales due to staff up-sell.

We will soon have SENPOS Fetch Marketing running on our system as well, which will play an integral role in measuring all aspects of the business in seconds. This will create some really deep reporting and analysis and will help us to strategically plan all marketing and advertising initiatives in member retention and guest activation!

What do you or your staff like most about the SENPOS system?

The staff love the integration it has with all of our systems. EFTPOS transactions and ‘Tap and Go’ is a must. Communications with our IGT system plays a big part in making sure rewards are not missed. ‘Member Look-up’  is really handy for members who have forgotten their card but still want to receive their discount.

The ability to sell raffle tickets from any till is great for the up-sell and finally, the automation of promotional tickets is essential in promotion accuracy.

You’ve recently installed a SENPOS Members kiosk. In what ways are you using the Kiosk to drive customer engagement?

We are currently using the Kiosk as an add-on to the member experience, making the process seamless for our members. Members can check their point balance, update their details and even renew their membership. Members can also check for rewards and prizes they have received. Members can then purchase gift cards from the kiosk as well as bingo tickets and raffle tickets. Plus, the kiosk has the ability to pre-sell items for special events like platters for Melbourne Cup, as well as sell show tickets.

The Club has two games running on the Kiosk that drives the member to play daily. This is an incentive where reward points can be distributed just by swiping or playing the game. QR codes can also be produced which is good for promotions and discount offers.

In what ways has the Kiosks  benefitted your business?

The Kiosk is a great added feature to the organisation that complements our till system. I am looking forward to all the new features as well, that will keep the club moving forward and I would like to see a few more kiosks added in the future, especially in the restaurant section which will make bistro ordering on a busy night so easy and much smoother for our members.