Forget the old ‘Tickets-in-an-ice-cream-bucket’ method or a ‘Book-of-tickets-and-a-wallet-on-the-floor’ routine. Your SENPOS system is the best way to manage all of your Raffle processes.

Did you know that Raffles can be sold and drawn through SENPOS terminals, pre-scheduled weeks or months in advance, and can be set to run indefinitely, like a Sunday afternoon raffle every week?

The increased security measures are obvious, plus labour costs are reduced. There’s no need to roster additional staff to sell tickets, as existing staff working in the venue can do this while performing other tasks.

Plus if a winning ticket is purchased by a member who swiped their card during the sale, the member’s name comes up when the raffle is drawn.

Raffle tickets are also sold at the SENPOS Members Kiosk and directly at a machine via the SENPOS Tablet, and results can be displayed throughout the venue with the SENPOS Visual Content Display.

Some Raffle Promotions opportunities include:
Spend $10 in the bar between 4-6pm, and receive $5 worth of tickets in the 7.30pm raffle draw – a great reason to stay and have dinner!
For every $5 of raffle tickets purchased between noon and 2pm, receive and extra $5 worth of tickets in the 4pm raffle – a great reason to come in early and have lunch!
For every $20 spent in the bar and $40 spent in the Café or Brasserie in November, receive a prize – $10 worth of tickets in the Christmas Ham and Toy raffles.