The Towradgi Park Bowls Club’s location makes it an ideal and stunning destination, both for Illawarra locals, families and those planning a day trip from Sydney. Only metres from Towradgi Beach, with its ocean pool, and fantastic children’s playground, the club also offers great views over the greens to the picturesque escarpment.

Our Sales Executive Brendan Driscoll spoke to Wayne Toomey, General Manager at Towradgi Park Bowls Clubs.

Why is a point of sale system integral to your business?
A POS system is integral for us because poor service at the Point of Sale for a customer can ultimately reduce the customer experience and their view on how efficient we are, purely based on receiving a delay at this point of the service cycle.  Having easy to understand keypads that are linked with scanners make the product search on SENPOS that much quicker for the staff, and this results in better customer service. Being able to extract sales data from your POS with ease of access to reports and also access to support to help create those reports that are unique to your property is also highly important when analysing trade and rostering the team accordingly.

What were your pain-points before you partnered with SENPOS?
Service that was not local, minimal engagement from the representative, everything costing more to add on or be trained up on, the reporting was average and stocktake reporting was painful!

What are THREE benefits you’ve experienced as a result of implementing SENPOS?
An improvement on all the above pain-points was what we were looking for and it’s a breath of fresh air achieving this and not having to be concerned with your POS. Now we are able to focus on all the different types of data available to us in the SENPOS system to make our business decisions.

What do you or your staff like most about working with the SENPOS system?
Our staff like being up to date with technology and having a system that is easy to use and understand.If we are having any difficulties, it’s really easy to call SENPOS support to get the insights required to achieve their tasks

What made you choose SENPOS over other POS suppliers?
Great referrals from nearby venues and our IT guru gave us real confidence in the system and the SENPOS business. The time taken from Brendan to drop in, pitch and showcase with live Demos of the software, along with a soft selling approach got it over the line.

What do you like about working with the SENPOS team?
I enjoy working with a friendly team that understands your business.

Why would you recommend SENPOS to someone who might be on the fence?
Make a few more phone calls to or visit a site that has the system and take a dive in and see the difference for yourself, as it becomes pretty clear pretty quick what SENPOS can do in comparison. SENPOS are moving with the times, so I expect the innovations to continue rolling through without the price tag to update the software, which I am sure will see them get access to even more venues in the near future.