SENPOS Advantage 1200 is released! Advantage 1200 offers customers some fantastic new features to drive member engagement and gain even greater insights to customer behaviour. These features include:

✔ Random Prize Promotion: Award random prizes to members at the point of sale.
✔ Virtual Barrel Draw: Get rid of the perspex barrel and award your members with virtual barrel entries.
✔ Member Insights:  Insights allows for flexible filtering to then push prizes with notifications via the SENPOS notification gateway.
✔ Micropower Golf Interface: Allow members to use their wallets from Micropower Golf.
✔ Range Servant: Golf ball dispensing interface.
✔ Next payments: Cash recycler interface.

Also just released is the upgraded software version for the SENPOS Members Kiosk, which includes new features such as:

✔ Full member visibility, including seeing points, prizes, vouchers and entries into virtual barrel draws.
✔ New games including ‘Find a card’ and ‘Pirates Treasure’ with greater control over the odds and how many prizes/points are given away to members.
✔ Random prizes will also now be able to be awarded to members through the Kiosk.

We will be showcasing both the Members Kiosk and Advantage 1200, along with our full suite of POS technology at the upcoming AHG in Brisbane, 27 – 28 March 2019.