The Benefits of a POS Integrated Online Ordering Platform

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To keep your business successfully trading in the face of restrictions, you may have scrambled to find an online ordering solution to suit your immediate needs, however, finding the right product that will successfully serve your venue and your customers well into the future takes careful consideration. Standalone ordering platforms can have hidden downsides, including poor [...]

Ideas for Evolved Hospitality in Australia

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Hospitality has been one of the key industries affected by COVID-19 and most venue owners across Australia have been forced to make significant operational changes and quickly adapt to the circumstantial impacts of the virus. For those trading through this the ever-evolving situation, coming up with ways to meet this changed market has been quite a challenge. Here are 8 ideas to consider: Create [...]

Bring Customers Back with Member Insights

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Bring Customers Back with Member Insights What if you knew exactly what your members' habits were? When they visited your venue, what they ate and drank, what areas in the venue they frequented and what events brought them in. What if you could also use this information to send highly personalised offers they could not resist? Using behavioral [...]

Contactless Table Ordering in a Post COVID World

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Contactless Table Ordering in a Post COVID World   With customers now required to be seated when dining, it has never been more important to explore ways to gain better efficiencies and improve hygienic practices around food and beverage ordering. Online ordering from a personal device is one of those options to explore. Mobile ordering [...]

Bring your Valuable Members Back with ‘Fetch Venue Marketing’

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With venues re-opening, the question right now is "How many members will return and how quickly?" Wouldn’t it be great if you knew your Members’ exact preferences? Knew the last time they visited? Knew if they were missing from your venue prior to lockdown AND if you had a way to reach them quickly and efficiently [...]

SENPOS Kiosk Demonstration with New Features

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David Potter from SENPOS Point of Sale, demonstrates the key features of the SENPOS Members Kiosk, ideal for Clubs and Pubs. Our game changing Members Kiosk is continually being updated to include new and improved features. KEY FEATURES and BENEFITS include: • Members Hub to view points, prizes and wallet • A Random Prize [...]

Idea’s to Keep your Members and Patrons Engaged!

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Whilst clubs, hotels and other hospitality venues everywhere grapple with forced closures due to COVID-19, many are looking at ways to keep their members and patrons engaged during the downtime. Now is the time to look at how you are continuing to engage with the community and your members and what strategies you can implement to re-engage [...]

Why Hoppers Club Jumped To SENPOS!

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We spoke with Michael Lewis, CEO of Hoppers Club in Melbourne where ten SENPOS tills, some tablets and kitchen video monitors were installed as they go paperless in the kitchen. When the Club was looking to update their system, they did extensive research into Point of Sale Systems across all hospitality POS vendors. They also attended [...]

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How Bowlo Sports and Leisure Yamba uses SENPOS to entice missing patrons back to the venue.

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Bowlo Sports and Leisure Yamba is much more than just a Bowling Club. It offers 3 1/2 immaculate greens, entertainment, bars, eateries and activities for every member of the family. We spoke with CEO Phil Boughton about customer expectations, what staff like most about the SENPOS system, and how management uses 'Fetch Venue Marketing' to entice [...]

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CPI Increases done in minutes with the PLU Wizard!

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Raising product prices across the board to reflect the major breweries' CPI increases can be done in minutes and with no fuss, using the SENPOS PLU Price Wizard. With breweries typically increasing prices twice a year on 1 February and 1 August, the Price Wizard allows users to easily adjust selling prices by selecting the impacted products and then [...]

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