How long have you been with SENPOS?

4 years

What’s your favourite drink to order at the bar?

One Fifty Lashes

What are the top 3 apps you cannot live without?

Facebook, Spotify & F45 Training

What’s your favourite SENPOS product or feature?

The ease of use of the Back of House software.

What’s your favourite footy team?

Newcastle Knights. Unfortunately over the last three or so years there hasn’t been a great amount to be excited about.
However, this year we have won a few games and that has been a bonus!

What’s your favourite food?

Indian Cuisine is one of my favourites, however not so great for the waistline.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Play Golf, F45 Training which has become very addictive, having a few beers which I love and hanging out at home with the kids.
My role with SENPOS involves travelling a lot so it’s always nice to get home and just chill.

CONTACT Brendan on 0422 603 115 or our Sales Team on 1300 621313.