We sat down with Stephen Anson, Chief Operating Officer at The Epping Club – known for its first class entertainment, sensational dining and dedicated function areas in North-West Sydney, to discuss the Club’s decision to switch to SENPOS.

Why did you choose SENPOS?
When we first decided to tender out the Epping Club’s POS install, after being with our previous supplier for over 10 years, we met with a number of POS suppliers in the market place. SENPOS stood out, not only because of the product, but also the interaction with Brendan Driscoll who was our initial contact.

Over the months leading up to the decision, Brendan and the SENPOS Team were extremely professional in their approach with us. There wasn’t a pressure sales approach which you come across sometimes, they were confident in what their product could do and also had an operational knowledge that you don’t sometimes see until the installation crew are involved.

What benefits has the Epping Club seen since switching to SENPOS?

There has been an immediate positive reaction by staff in relation to the way the product and media is set out on the screen, and the different options available make the ordering process so much quicker and easier for our staff. It was so important from day one that our staff were confident and happy with the system. The Club’s Food and Beverage Manager Ryan Clarke, who had a leading role in the installation, said that he believes on average, transaction time has nearly been cut in half in the Club’s Brasserie!

There are a range of different marketing opportunities with in SENPOS, from Upsizing Products, Members Wallets, Ticketing, Promotions and customer secondary screens for advertising. We see this area as our biggest opportunity to push up sales in our food and beverage departments which have seen some down turn industry wide.

SENPOS integrated with a number of other programs in the Club, most importantly our Gaming and Membership system. Members’ benefits are extremely important, and ensuring that the flow of information from POS to Gaming to Membership is easy to manage and accurate is essential. This data then ensures what we offer is relevant to your members. This can be the difference to retaining or losing that member.

Do you think the additional Multipurpose Tablets will allow your staff to engage with patrons faster delivering a higher level of customer service?

The Club has deployed a number of tablets in Gaming, Restaurants and Events Departments. The portability allows us to service our customers quicker and more efficiently, and through the SENPOS Software we can cater for individual needs.

The Club had a very short time frame for the installation and again the SENPOS Team were extremely professional and organised in their approach. Not only were we replacing our POS installation but also our stock and ordering systems, so there were a number of pieces that had to be pulled together to ensure we had a smooth change over on the first of July.

Overall, we would definitely recommend the SENPOS system, and are very happy with our decision to switch.