SENPOS Point of Sale is purpose-built for the hospitality industry.
Front-of-House staff will find the feature-rich POS system intuitive and easy to use.
Owners and management will effortlessly increase operational efficiencies.
Hospitality POS for Clubs
Hospitality POS for Hotels and Pubs

Hotels + Pubs

Our POS core features have been systematically crafted to keep your hotel running simply and smoothly. The SENPOS system is all about simplicity of operation for both the front-of-house and back-of-house, and is fully customisable to suit your venue requirements.

Auto-create PLU using fast and accurate data, simplify stocktaking with our Roam PDA that syncs in real-time to the back-of-house, and pre-schedule regular reports on sales, products, margins, and beverage metering.

Encourage up-selling and deal prompts, and create eye-catching promotions on terminals and visually display them throughout the venue on large screens. Ensure consistency with our cocktail and mixer recipe instructions feature with images. Monitor staff activity with RFID wristbands and configure security settings to individuals.


Centralisation is key to increasing operational efficiencies. Manage multiple venues with the SENPOS Point of Sale system, giving you unparalleled control over how your business operates.

Manage purchasing and stock control across venues, increasing your purchasing power and reducing costs. Seamlessly integrate our POS solutions with your Membership and Gaming system or use our inbuilt function that offers outstanding customer insights. Take membership to a new level with member tiering, and reward high-value members increasing loyalty and engagement. Our Game-changing Members Kiosk launches the customer experience to a new level of engagement.

Gain deeper business intelligence on member activity with FETCHbi, our revolutionary software solution that creates highly focused and measurable marketing campaigns.

POS for Multivenues
SENPOS in Cafes and Restaurant

Restaurants + Cafes

Let the SENPOS Point of Sale system cater to your restaurant or café needs with our feature-rich system that streamlines and complements your food and beverage operations. Allocate orders to specific tables either singularly or in groups. Split bills and fast track orders improving your customer’s experience.

Offset penalty rates with the surcharge promotion function. Use wrist ID for increased security at the POS terminal. Upsell with Marketing and Promotion offers and increase customer loyalty with quick and easy payments and reward regular customers.

SENPOS features a cocktail and mixer recipe instruction function with images. Quick-create products. Be truly mobile with SENPOS Tablet edition, taking the POS directly to the customer.

Bars and Nightclubs

From boutique bars to multi-level nightclubs, our POS Solution welcomes you to a new level of operational ease. Automate and schedule key bar functions like price changes based on the time and offset penalty rates with the surcharge promotion function.

Encourage spend by promoting upcoming events and drink specials, and upsell with auto-prompts. The system offers VIP member tiering, customer loyalty programs and easily create eye-catching promotions for the terminal. Customised displays for promotions can be different across areas of the venue. Never get a cocktail wrong again with the cocktail and mixer recipe instructions feature.

Use wrist ID for drastically increased security at the POS terminal. Streamline reporting and the stocktaking processes, and manage cost control with the beverage monitoring function. SENPOS integrates with all major Gaming, Banking, Membership and Accounting apps.

SENPOS Point of Sale in Nightclubs
SENPOS Point of Sale at a Winery


The sophistication of our POS system allows your winery to efficiently manage your most important business operations. Spend less time placing orders and more time connecting with guests, and cultivating customer relationships that last.

Build customer loyalty with our specialised membership programs designed to suit each customer’s preferences and watch your membership list grow.

Track precise amounts of wine used for cellar door tastings and the number of bottles sold to keep track of cellar door stock. Make informed decisions for your business based on detailed sales and inventory reports.

Pack-runs seamlessly integrate with Australia Post and Fastway.