SENPOS Point of Sale software

Intuitive Front of House
Powerful Back of House

At SENPOS, we understand that a Point of Sale system is an integral part of your business eco-system.
As the leading POS software on the market, SENPOS Advantage 1200 Software is the solution to all of your pain-points.

Stocktake PDA

Simplify Stocktaking

Be proactive with your stocktake. Vastly improve your stocktaking process by reducing errors, saving time and decreasing labour hours. Managing stock doesn’t need to be a timely and costly task. SENPOS Roam is our exclusive stocktaking PDA.

Reduce labour hours. Save on average 40% labour time.
Use staff resources more efficiently.
No pre-set up.
Scan and count workflow.
Real time sync to the SENPOS back-of-house.
Reduce entry errors.
Enable spot checks.
Spy mode.

Targeted Promotions + Marketing

Communicate upcoming events and promotions using SENPOS’ advanced Promotions and Marketing function.

✓ Create promotions using an intuitive step-by-step wizard.
✓ Schedule to automatically activate.
✓ Create live stock PLU’s for limited specials.
✓ Create points, product, price-break, multi-buy and sales promotions.
✓ Up-to-date reporting on up-take rates to gauge campaign success.
Use promotions to encourage additional patron spend.

Marketing and Promotions
POS Reporting and Analytics

Automated Reporting

Second-to-none POS analytics. The SENPOS back-of-house application features a robust and flexible reporting module. Select from a wide range of templates, and whether your reporting needs are simple or complex, users can easily produce reports and adapt them by applying multiple filtering conditions, combining columns, and adding graphs.

Intuitive user-friendly report manager.
Identify patron spending trends and patterns.
Automate reports to print and email at specified times.
Report on multiple date ranges in a single report.
Report on sales, products, margins, metering, departments etc.
Integrated excel spread sheet functionality.

Best POS system for Gaming and Membership