reward your members

With cutting edge software developed in-house by SENPOS, our Members Hub Kiosk offers a truly engaging customer experience. The self-service kiosk streamlines the member sign-in process and acts as a member’s reward hub, allowing patrons to take advantage of venue promotions, member points and prizes.

Allow patrons to purchase meals, raffle tickets, and special event tickets. Randomly surprise your members with points for swiping on and rewarding them for winning fun, interactrive games like Pirate’s Treasure and Spin to Win.

The easy-to-use Members Hub Kiosk ties seamlessly into the SENPOS eco-system, making it easy to manage centrally from the SENPOS back-of-house.

Improve operational efficiencies by taking advantage of real-time data on kiosk engagement, including member card swipes, points awarded & redeemed, daily game wins and more.

Enhance your members’ experience

Customise loyalty programs

Streamline your

Reduce the need for extra staff

Analyse real-time kiosk activity data

Pay with points or EFTPOS
Tap & Go

Sign in and renew membership

advertise venue activities

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