have COMPLETE CONTROL ACROSS multiple venues

Centralisation is key to increasing operational efficiencies and profitability for multi-venue operations. Managing multiple venues with SENPOS Points of Sale will give you unparalleled control over how your business operates and provide valuable insights into how you can decrease costs and increase profit margins.


SENPOS back-of-house provides comprehensive control of all aspects of your multivenue hospitality business. Have full visibility across all sites and manage purchasing, stock, POS terminals, membership, promotions and  reporting from the one central location. 

Integrated Membership
Manage membership and loyalty programs across all sites and have complete visibility over member activity and spend. Integrated with connected data from customers’ gaming, membership, and POS activity will enhance your ability to boost member engagement and increase visitation.

Power Over Purchasing + Stock Control
Manage purchasing from the centralised back-of-house SENPOS software and easily allocate stock across multiple sites. Maintain your purchasing power with integrated purchasing ensuring you save on costs and increase profit margins.

comparison reporting

Compare sales data across venues or within each site and implement strategies to boost visitation and sales.

Purchasing + invoicing

Streamlined workflows for purchasing and invoicing that can quickly populate stock levels, saving you time and effort.

Real-time sales analytics

View real-time sales as they happen across multiple sites, terminals and locations. 

Stock managEment 

Detailed stock tracking enables multivenues + groups to compare stock figures and levels so variances can be identified.

point-of-sale management

Design keypads from the centralised back-of-house, customise for each site or location and set terminal security.


Incentivise members with personalised promotions, vouchers and specials using advance marketing features.

Visual content dISplays

Use the Visual Content application to design and present eye-catching menu boards, promotions & advertisements for  large screens across sites.

DEDICATEd australian support

Access the full support of our locally-based SENPOS support team which is operational 24/7 every day of the year. .

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