surprise + delight patrons with raffles + VIRTUAL DRAWS

Winners are grinners, so it pays to create excitement in your venue and make people feel part of the action. That’s why SENPOS offers built-in and exclusive features that will give your customers that winning feeling. Bring them back to your venue time and time again to try their luck at the next grand prize on offer!

built-in  raffles module

Our built-in Raffles module will benefit any club or pub looking to streamline raffles through the point of sale. Raffle tickets can be sold or awarded as prizes through SENPOS terminals, tablets, the Members Loyalty Kiosk, or Order-To-Go online ordering. Raffles can be pre-scheduled weeks or months in advance and set to run indefinitely. A raffle draw can be started by selecting a pre-programmed button on the front-of-house terminal and is displayed on large screens throughout the venue.

Get Mobile to Sell More! 
Sell raffle tickets on the bar room floor or in the restaurant with SENPOS Tablets. A convenient way to seek out customers and increase sales. Wirelessly connect a mobile printer and card reader to effortlessly print tickets and take payment. 

Virtual Barrel Draw
Bring your member draws into the 21st Century and say goodbye to the perspex barrel with our Virtual Barrel Draw module. Entries are awarded or sold to members at the POS, Members Loyalty Kiosk or online on set terms. Set the virtual draw to run from the POS and display the live draw on large screens around the venue. And when the winning ticket is randomly selected, the member’s name appears on the screen!

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