ENGAGE your customers using digital displays

Throughout your hospitality venue attract the attention of your patrons and members by creating high-impact, engaging visual content on large digital screens.

Whether it’s a new product, a special offer, or a special event Visual Content has the power to engage , excite + reward your patrons as they enjoy time in your venue.

Make an Eye-catching Impact

The SENPOS visual content display application allows you to design and present eye-catching imagery for menu boards, raffles and advertisements. Content is displayed on large screens and all programmed from the back-of-house.

Timing is everything

Deliver visual content display at the right time and right place. Significantly increase the effectiveness of your advertising efforts by taking advantage of the physical location of the customer and increase advertising impact by displaying digital content at the right time.

promote upcoming events

Raffles, Happy Hour or live music, promote your upcoming events on the big screen.

advertise daily specials + promotions

Leverage current promotions + specials to display through the Visual Content application.

dispaly menu boards + pricing

Reflecting products from the POS, display menu boards including animated live stock notifications.  

run raffles + virtual barrel draws

Create excitement by running live Raffle draws and Virtual Barrel Draws across the venue.

stream media + live to air tv 

Stream live TV and big sporting events to entertain and encourage patronage .

back-of-house CONTROL

Manage all Visual Content from the back-of-house software and program it to the minute. 

Let’s work together!

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