time is of the essence in the kitchen!

In a busy commercial kitchen, you need something that is easy to read, easy to use and able to withstand the rigors of day-to-day use. With SENPOS Kitchen Monitors, you will save time, improve staff communication, and deliver a seamless food service to customers.

The large 22-inch capacitive touchscreen offers high functionality and visibility, providing your staff with a complete overview of order processes. 

Improve communication between staff
Kitchen staff can focus on getting orders prepared whilst waitstaff can easily see the status of each order and communicate wait times back to the customer. Removing the reliance on printed or written dockets and providing on-screen visibility leaves less room for error and improves overall communication.

Gain insight into kitchen performance
With full integration to the SENPOS back-of-house software, managers will benefit from having access to reporting functions providing insights into kitchen performance. A greater understanding of kitchen performance can help you make better-informed decisions and manage resources more effectively.

22 inch LCD with LED backlight

high performance touchscreen

improve FOOD service

Improve STAFF communication

kitchen performance reporting

real-time customer wait time alerts

robust + sturdy construction

improve kitchen efficiencies

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