no double handling,
real-time data syncing

Be proactive with your stocktake! SENPOS Roam 2 is a portable link to key functions in the back-of-house software. Streamline the stocktaking process and take control of stock management with our advanced POS stocktaking device.

Simply scan the product and add the count in one easy workflow. Managing stock doesn’t need to be a time-heavy and costly task. The Roam device syncs directly to your SENPOS database, meaning no double handling of data.

Reduce labour hours and manual handling by quickly scanning, counting and transferring stock between locations on the fly.

Reduce data entry errors by automating your stocktaking workflow. Spot checks become easy, and with the handy spy mode, you can also monitor your stocktake while it’s happening.

Brilliant 5″ Multi-touch screen

12-hour battery run time

User replaceable battery design

Lightweight portability at 272g

3D barcode scanner

Built for rugged USE

Enable spot checks

Spy mode

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