keep customers happy and operations on track

A smoothly running front-of-house is essential in keeping your customers happy and operations on track. Hold-ups, malfunctions, and nervous staff can lead to customer frustration and stressful situations, that benefit nobody. The SENPOS front-of-house has been developed to ensure intuitively designed layouts and easy-to-manage sales processes keep operations running smoothly in your venue. Staff will feel confident, and customers will appreciate the seamless SENPOS experience.

The user-friendly SENPOS front-of-house lets staff process transactions quickly and intuitively, keeping customer lines flowing and operations smooth. Your front-of-house team will easily find products, ring up sales, and process payments with the payment type your venue accepts, including cash, EFTPOS, gift cards, points allocation and vouchers.

Fully customisable keypad design.
Keypad layout and function are fully customisable to meet the needs of your venue. Create keypad layouts for each terminal from the back-of-house to suit each area. Change images, text, button size and location of each product.

Secure RFID ID log-on
Increase service and security at the point of sale with RFID ID staff log-on. Assigned to individual staff members and available as wristbands or key tags, this function allows for transactions to be tracked to the individual.

quick tab creation

Quickly allocate charges to a tab by creating, naming and setting a spend limit. Run multiple Quick Tabs simultaneously.

split payment option

Process multiple payments on one table/bill. Customers pay their share of the cost and staff will easily complete the transactions.

end of shift reporting

Print end-of-shift or close-of-trade reports from the keypad. Choose what is visible on the end-of-shift report dockets from back-of-house settings.

catering to members

Use the built-in RFID mag swipe to register member cards or use the handy member lookup function. Accepts  pay by points and vouchers.

raffles Ticket Sales

Sell raffle tickets through the POS using the SENPOS Raffles module. Initiate a raffle draw from the till by using the raffle draw button.

staff messages

Send messages to a staff member/terminal from the till or the back-of-house. An effective way to quickly communicate important notes and information.

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