SENPOS Mobile Ordering Platform

Order at Table – Pick-up – Delivery

The SENPOS Mobile Ordering Platform has been developed in consultation with a number of clubs, pubs and other hospitality venues to ensure the platform meets and exceeds industry expectations. Create a convenient and comfortable patron experience and enjoy the benefits of full integration to your SENPOS database.

✔ Available through your venue’s phone app and web page.
✔ Supports order at table, order pick up, and home delivery.
✔ Fully integrated with the SENPOS Ecosystem.
✔ Payment by Eftpos secure payment gateway.
✔ Members can view, earn and pay by points and vouchers.
✔ Will support multiple kitchens – nominate and control orders by location.
✔ Estimates order turnaround time and notifies customer of any delays.
✔ Integrated reporting and product management.

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