Running a modern Golf Club comes with many challenges, but none are more frustrating than having to deal with separate systems to manage the different parts of the operation. You’ve got your Golf Management system. Your Point-of-Sale system. Your Gaming system. Your Revenue Management System. If all these tools exist separately from each other, it can be tough to move the relevant information from one to the next in an easy fashion. Not only that, but this also adds an extra set of steps in your workflow that wastes your time and energy.

What if we could make that whole workflow painless and simple though? SENPOS and our preferred Golf Management System provider, MiClub, have teamed up to do just that. With a fully integrated solution between our two flagship systems, you can extend the capabilities of both systems to incorporate all the exceptional functionality you enjoy from each, into one seamless workflow.

MiClub will be front and centre, managing your members details, billing, and golfing requirements, with SENPOS handling all the clubhouse food, beverage, and member marketing duties. SENPOS will also integrate with your Gaming and Revenue systems through MiClub to create one homogenised workflow that requires very little human interaction to drive all your operational systems without you needing to think about it. It truly is a win-win!

Like two parts of a giant puzzle that fit perfectly, SENPOS and MiClub working together can create efficiencies beyond what you ever thought possible. Both are developed and supported right here in Australia too, so you get help fast, and directly from the people who built them. Contact us to find out more.