How does a handheld POS like SENPOS GO boost the member experience in your venue? Following the release of the SENPOS GO mobile POS device, it’s worth considering how some of its key features can add value to your venue. A great customer experience is essential in any venue as it fosters loyalty and encourages repeat visits. Achieving this occurs through service delivery, membership and communication, which can be achieved by adding through your point-of-sale technology.

Memorable experiences

SENPOS GO is the latest handheld POS technology that combines the functionality of a POS system with the portability of a smart device with EFTPOS payments. Create a memorable experience for customers by reducing the time it takes for them to order by providing tableside service, anytime and anywhere in your venue.

Additionally, a mobile POS like SENPOS offers additional features that enable you to:

  • Simplify member purchases: Direct service allows every member at the table to swipe their membership card so they can each earn points and redeem rewards.
  • Upsell: Make the most of upselling with convenient prompts to make it easier for staff to communicate with customers, such as adding a wine or beer for $5.
  • Grow members: A positive experience paired with an easy-to-participate membership program can encourage new customers to become members, particularly if they’ve visited with an existing member who’s had a great experience.
  • Go paperless: There are also convenient ways to deliver receipts, which can be done via text and email, which is good for businesses. Alternatively, for added flexibility, receipts can be printed on any other printer within your venue, including receipt printers connected to different SENPOS terminals or network printers.

Promote loyalty

Rewards and promotions play an important part in engaging with members, and when they are consistent and personalised, they can enhance the member experience. An all-in-one point-of-sale solution like the SENPOS ecosystem provides, that’s designed with a membership and loyalty module, alongside digital marketing capabilities, will help you further the member experience.

With SENPOS GO part of your service delivery, you can help members make the most of their membership by swiping their membership card and enjoying:

  • Earning points: As with any loyalty program, earning points increases the chances of being rewarded.
  • Automatic member pricing: Communicate member pricing fast with prices automatically adjusted when browsing menu items and when viewing the cart.
  • Access to member only promotions: Is ‘Happy Hour’ longer for members? Member exclusive promotions and offers encourages members to spend more time in your venue.
  • Fast reward redemption: When a member is added to a sale in SENPOS GO, a window appears displaying details like Points balance, quantity of Prize items, and voucher quantity. This feature streamlines the process of viewing and redeeming all member rewards and vouchers. Small prize symbols next to eligible products enable staff to quickly identify and communicate available rewards and offers to members. Should a member choose to claim a reward, such as a ‘free main meal’ or ‘free bar snacks’, the price on the corresponding PLU is instantly adjusted for swift redemption.

In the ever-changing hospitality industry, staying ahead is key. a handheld POS like SENPOS GO keeps your venue flexible and responsive to trends and customer needs. Its in-house software stays up-to-date with industry demands and user-friendly interfaces, making it perfect for clubs, golf clubs, and all kinds of venues. Book a demo and see how you can add value to your venue.