Raising product prices across the board to reflect the major breweries’ CPI increases can be done in minutes and with no fuss, using the SENPOS PLU Price Wizard.

With breweries typically increasing prices twice a year on 1 February and 1 August, the Price Wizard allows users to easily adjust selling prices by selecting the impacted products and then simply following the Price Wizard prompts.

One of SENPOS’ major benefits is its ability to increase your venue’s operational efficiencies. A job that traditionally takes hours can be done in minutes! All bottles of wine, for example, can be instantly increased by 4% (rounded to the nearest $0.10) or all schooners can be increased by $0.30 and middies by $0.25 (rounded to the nearest $0.05).

For further information on the CPI increase visit the ATO here.

And contact SENPOS Support for further information on support@senpos.com.au.