Managing a modern golf club presents numerous challenges, none more tedious than juggling disparate systems for various operations like golf, membership management, point-of-sale, and financial tracking. This disjointed approach is not just time-consuming but also prone to errors, diverting attention from core priorities. We seamlessly integrate our point-of-sale solutions with MiClub, our preferred golf and club management system provider. This integration streamlines operations, allowing you to harness the full potential of both systems within a unified workflow.

Here’s how:

  • Effortlessly search and select MiClub members using SENPOS.
  • Seamlessly credit amounts to MiClub member accounts via cash or EFTPOS transactions using SENPOS.
  • All member account transactions are seamlessly synchronized with MiClub’s membership module, providing online accessibility to members, complete with specific purchase details.
  • Encode member cards and/or QR codes based on member numbers for MiClub members, if necessary.

MiClub takes the lead in managing member details, billing, and golfing requirements, while SENPOS efficiently handles clubhouse food, beverage, and member marketing tasks. Integration with MYOB or Xero ensures smooth financial management.

SENPOS extends integration with gaming and revenue systems through MiClub, creating a cohesive workflow that minimizes manual intervention. This cooperative partnership promises operational efficiency without the need for constant oversight—a true win-win scenario. Together, SENPOS and MiClub work to unlock efficiencies around your club. With in-house software development and support, you benefit from expert knowledge and solutions that are reliable.

Since first introduced in 2020, MiClub has completed installations at over 25 clubs across Australia, including SENPOS customers Casino Golf Club, Cowra Golf Club, Charlestown Golf Club and at Box Hill Golf Club.

Experience the power of unified point-of-sale and golf management systems with SENPOS Point of Sale. Contact our dedicated team to learn more today.