The customer experience is front of mind for any club, which is why venues must continuously think of new ways to attract customers and keep them engaged. We recently spoke with Luke Richards, CEO at Culburra Bowling and Recreation Club (Culburra Bowling Club) to learn how SENPOS has added value to the Club and the new incentives being offered to customers. In particular, the upcoming roll out of OrderToGo to help with takeaway ordering and experience working with our Support Team.

Raffles and virtual barrels

Since working with Brendan Driscoll to transition to SENPOS, the Culburra Bowling Club has been able to streamline their operations and enhance promotions. Raffles and bingo are a popular activity for members at Culburra Bowling Club. Previously reliant on a manual raffle generator, the Club has now introduced a dedicated SENPOS terminal for raffle tickets and can now run several promotions from their SENPOS kiosk. Additionally, the Club are also using Visual Content to communicate with customers and highlight their offering on menu boards.

OrderToGo for takeaway

Soon to be rolled out will be OrderToGo to enable online ordering at Prince Eddie’s Pizzeria. Situated in a tourist destination means the Club sees a lot of takeaway ordering and interest in delivery, in addition to a growing number of families and time-poor locals who equally appreciate the option of takeaway dining. As customers become more decisive with how and where they spend money, the Club wants to cater for quality and affordable food that happens to be enjoyed outside the venue. For Luke, it enables the Club to “offer a different way to maintain our relationship with customers and keep them involved with our venue”. Using OrderToGo will replace phone orders that can be cumbersome during busy trade.

Reliable support

An integral part of SENPOS is our Support Team who help answer customer questions, offer training and provide solutions. When asked about his experience working with SENPOS Support, Luke described the team as being reliable and dedicated to helping fulfil what he’s requested.

His advice to any venue looking for a point-of-sale provider is to ask about its support team, as they play an important role to customers once the system has been installed. Luke says, “without support you’re limited to using your system with the knowledge and skills you currently have, leaning on support helps me get more value out of my POS system and always keeping updated with the latest features and functions”.

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