Our SENPOS Support team play a crucial role in providing timely and invaluable support to our customers. As our business continues to grow, so does our team to enhance the service, advice and support we offer our customers. This month we welcome two new starters to our growing team, who will soon become familiar faces (or voices) to our venues across Australia. Introducing Nick and Brendan, who join our Support team as implementation specialists.

Pictured above with Shay Adams (Implementations Team Leader), Kara Booy (SENPOS Support Technician), Ian Taylor (Support Desk Team Leader) and Tim McGufficke (SENPOS Support Technician).

How can SENPOS support help?

Our collective technical knowledge and expertise allow us to provide invaluable assistance to our customers. Helping customers navigate their SENPOS point-of-sale ecosystem to maximise the value they receive from it is what we do best. From visiting your venue to install hardware and software, integrating new features, and helping you setup new promotions, plus much more.

Our customers tell us the best things about our support team are:

  • Being able to book in training for your POS system, which is great for upskilling staff, onboarding staff and if you’re bringing in new equipment
  • Having a dedicated team to help transition to a new SENPOS system
  • Simple process to log a support ticket, which can be quickly done online
  • Reliable after hours support, 365 days of the year
  • An Australian-based team who understand the industry