Mollymook Beach Bowling & Recreation Club (Mollymook Bowling Club, the Club) is a favoured destination for locals and keen travellers in the picturesque NSW South Coast. Branded as the ‘best little club on the Coast’ the Club prides itself on providing fantastic customer service, an inviting atmosphere and quality dining and entertainment through the Hideaway Bistro, Barefoot Bowls and weekly member promotions.

For almost 10 years, Mollymook Bowling Club has partnered with SENPOS as its preferred point-of-sale (POS) provider and continues to work with our team to enrich their POS experience. In a recent interview with Alan Shapley, the Club’s Secretary Manager, we learned about the exciting plans for the Club, how important it is to develop a relationship with your POS provider and the 3 best features of SENPOS.

Expanding the best little club on the Coast

For several decades, Mollymook Bowling Club has been a place for the community to gather, host functions and enjoy local hospitality. Being a small club, staff work hard to make everyone welcome and enjoy their visit, whether it be for Barefoot Bowls, Friday Happy Hour or even the Members $200 Birthday Draw.

Following positive feedback from customers, the Club is seeking to expand its dining and function capacity. According to Alan, the Club has submitted a development application for a large deck overlooking the bowling green, which will extend the ‘function facility beneath, allowing alfresco dining upstairs and a multi-faceted facility downstairs’. The proposed new development is poised to be an exciting addition for the Club and local community.

Partnering with SENPOS

Reflecting on nearly a decade, Alan recalls the initial meeting with account manager Brendan Driscoll and his confidence and communication from the beginning. ‘Brendan always follows up on any matter and without presentation [which] I appreciate more than anything. I always feel Brendan is being honest in his conversations and discussions with me, and we have certainly developed a tremendous rapport’, said Alan on the experience.

Since transitioning to SENPOS in December 2014, Mollymook Bowling Club have onboarded 5 terminals, a SENPOS tablet, a Roam stocktaking device and OrderToGo online ordering platform. For Alan, SENPOS is the first system in hospitality career that he has not only implemented but maintained within a venue and ‘no hesitation in sticking with SENPOS’.

3 seamless features

Alan has over 30 years industry expertise and during this time has worked with various POS systems, which at times were ‘somewhat clunky’ to use. For Alan, the ‘progression and development have been very impressive’ compared to other venues he attends whose ‘latest equipment doesn’t seem as well developed as SENPOS’, said Alan.

In addition to the integrations SENPOS offer with other systems like accounting, payroll and gaming, Alan finds the system to be ‘quite seamless’ and overall ‘user-friendly’. Alongside this, he described the key features to be:

  • Stocktaking – Moving from manual counting to digital with the Roam stocktaking device saves time and increases accuracy
  • Reporting – Consistent reporting for stakeholders is very important and now made simple with set report templates
  • SENPOS Learning Hub – The Learning Hub provides Alan and his team with videos and guides on using SENPOS, such as for creating promotions and setting up surcharges.

Support you can count on

The vital role of our SENPOS Support Team involves delivering an elevated level of service, advice, and support for our customers. Alongside the relationship built with Brendan, Alan has also worked closely with our local Support Team and notably team members like Kara Booy, whom Alan has worked with most for several years. ‘Kara has been spot-on since the very start and nothing ever seems a problem, she is patient and extremely knowledgeable and is always giving advice on better methods and procedures…[we] managed to strike up a rapport’ which developed a positive relationship, said Alan.

He concluded that he will ‘always refer SENPOS’ and has done so for years, considering the positive experience since the first meeting with Brendan, how SENPOS has benefitted the Club and the personable relationship with Kara and our Support Team.

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