The Melbourne Cup is among the numerous events celebrated in Australia that brings people together and typically centralises in venues offering food and beverage whilst broadcasting the race. Showing the race in your venue is an easy attraction for customers, however, specialised offers and promotions is how you can truly excite customers and make your venue their first choice when race day arrives. The Melbourne Cup will be held Tuesday 7 November, to help you get organised and ensure customers are aware of your promotions, we’ve asked our Support Team for their top tips to creating a successful Melbourne Cup.

Implement upsell dining

An Upsell Promotion helps customers gain extra value from their purchase by highlighting a deal or complementary item to what they’ve ordered. Once the products, criteria and price are setup, staff will be prompted once the Upsell Promotion has been triggered – saving staff from keeping track of every promotion and ensuring customers are communicated about current promotions.

During Melbourne Cup season, a common upsell can include prompting a 3-course set menu when a 2-course is selected. Read our step-by-step guide to setting up an Upsell Promotion.

Turn off happy hour

One question our Support Team are asked during popular events is ‘should I keep all my regular promotions running too?’. While a ‘happy hour’ is a great promotion, for events where patronage will already be high it can become costly and lead to an unmanageable queue. Where an event falls at the same time as a regular promotion, our team would consider turning them off temporarily.

Manage raffle ticket sales

Raffles are popular any time of year and with SENPOS you can manage ticket sales with ease. Our Live Stock Feature allows you to add a limited saleable quantity on a specific product so only a set number of sales are made on that product. For instance, hosting a 100-Club Raffle limited to 100 tickets only.

While this feature can be used on any product, setting it up for raffle tickets helps track available tickets. Staff can clearly see how many tickets remain and as they reduce can communicate where relevant.

Check advertising

One query our Support Team are asked is how often should advertising screens be updated. Content on terminal advertising panels, kiosks and Visual Content screens will be viewed more than customers, so it’s common to wonder if it’s time for new images. A simple approach is to remove promotions that are no longer offered or setup a schedule so this occurs automatically. Additional to this, it’s worth remembering that screens around your venue communicate with customers about your offers and events, which helps generate visitation and more business. Visit our Learning Hub to see how you can update terminal advertising, kiosks and visual content.

Training refresher

Staff training is good for any business, and for hospitality venues offering a refresher on your SENPOS system helps staff touch up their skills and even learn something new. Ahead of busy events, staff training helps fill knowledge gaps that reduces stress on staff and customers. Our Support Team have built a generous library of guides and video demonstrations to help you and your team get the most out of your SENPOS system,[PD1]  visit the Learning Hub to browse our topics. In addition to this, our Support Team can also offer remote training service that you can book online.