Customers have become digital natives thanks to smartphones and online shopping, so why wouldn’t they expect a similar online experience when visiting your venue? Online ordering offers the flexibility and convenience to browse menus and order fast without long queues. As the warmer months approach and daylight savings offer longer days, online ordering will help customers make the most of their time at your venue.

OrderToGo is our versatile solution that seamlessly integrates with your SENPOS ecosystem, allowing you to not only cater to online ordering and takeaways but also to stay connected with members. With SMS notifications and turnaround estimates, managing service just became easier.

A positive experience

Whether accessed through your venue’s app, website or socials, OrderToGo empowers your members to log in, access their membership details, check point balances, and redeem available vouchers. Plus, members can continue enjoying discounts and earning points for online purchases, even choosing to pay with a combination of pay by points and direct payment. Alternatively, guests can checkout fast without needing to create a login or enter too many personal details.

Standout promotions

Summer sessions will trump cooking at home when your customers are shown upsell offers and bundle deals, such as a burger and beer combo. For venues that offer takeaway services, such as at Culburra Bowling Club, these kind of offers will be invaluable. Plus, with SENPOS, any menu item or special offer you sell at your terminal can be seamlessly linked to OrderToGo, saving time and hassles in setup.

Increase visitation

As customers navigate rising living costs, they will become more decisive on where they spend their money. One way to create happy customers is to help them skip the queue and save time. You can maximise operations whilst creating a positive experience for your customers.

Grow your SENPOS eco-system

What sets OrderToGo apart is its seamless integration into your existing system, requiring no additional add-ons. It’s all programmed from the SENPOS back-of-house, ensuring a truly engaging online experience for your members, regardless of the restrictions in place. So, as the days get longer and warmer, remember that online ordering isn’t just a trend—it’s the key to prolonging visits, empowering your customers, and ensuring the success of your hospitality venue in every season.

Reliable support

Learn more how OrderToGo can complete your SENPOS eco-system and help your venue drive engagement and visitation. Contact our dedicated team today.