In the dynamic world of hospitality, the latest point-of-sale (POS) technology is essential to streamlining front and back-of-house operations, whilst helping to enhance the entire customer experience. Running a venue involves overseeing several moving parts, including staffing, finances, inventory, compliance among more. This is why your point-of-sale technology needs to be agile and tailored to suit your venue and its growth. For Cabra-Vale Diggers Group (the Group), SENPOS Point of Sale (SENPOS) built a solution which benefits the Group and made transitioning seamless.

1. Planning for the future

Since 1925, the Cabra-Vale Diggers Group has served the local community by offering dining, entertainment and sponsorship via Club Grants shared between its two venues: Cabra-Vale Diggers and Campbelltown RSL. Group Operations Manager, Luke Whalan worked with account manager Brendan Driscoll to transition to SENPOS and following recent installation and experience using the new POS system, has shared feedback.

Point-of-sale technology should evolve and adapt to the growth and changing needs of a venue, which is important to maintaining operations and remaining competitive. The SENPOS team offered a unique and personalised approach for Luke Whalan and the Group, which he described as being focused on ‘addressing the future needs’ of the business, while also seamlessly integrating various components to create a ‘comprehensive and enhanced experience for customers’. Not a one-size-fits-all solution, SENPOS takes the time to understand the challenges businesses like the Group face and ensure that their POS system aligns perfectly with their specific needs and future goals.

2. Support you can count on

The Support Team are an essential part of SENPOS who work with customers to offer training, provide solutions, answer questions, and importantly help venues gain the most value from their POS system. For Luke, the previous POS support experience lacked the ‘level of assistance and responsiveness we needed to address our evolving business needs’ and often found ‘grappling with technical issues without adequate support’, leading to operational inefficiencies and customer dissatisfaction.

Based locally in Australia and available after hours, the Support Team offers customers peace of mind when they need it. Plus, dedicated training from an in-house expert means staff and management can enhance their POS skills and stay abreast of the latest features and functions.

3. User-friendly and intuitive POS

Design and functionality are paramount for any point-of-sale system, and when tailored for the fast-paced hospitality industry must be easy for staff to learn and navigate. With an in-house development team, creating a user-friendly and intuitive system is made possible. The SENPOS system is user-friendly and has a well-laid-out design, said Luke, and from the moment he and staff began using it, it was ‘evident that careful attention had been given to create an intuitive and efficient user experience’. Focusing on user-friendliness and intuitive design not only simplifies training and usability, it increases service times which ultimately enhance customer experience throughout the venue.

4. Helping you maximise efficiencies and membership

While a POS system is important to delivering good front-of-house service fast, how it integrates with the back-of-house is key to maximising operational efficiencies and engaging with customers. With a powerful back-of-house system designed specifically for the industry and integrations with several other solutions offer venues seamless control and transparency. Whether it’s helping manage stock control, create promotions, engage with members, in-depth reporting, and more, an all-in-one system provides all the management tools in one place. Since transitioning to SENPOS, the Group has been able to achieve ‘improved stock control, operation efficiency and more functionality for marketing,’ said Luke.

5. A true partner for your industry

A point-of-sale provider like SENPOS can be an invaluable partner for any venue, offering expertise in building tailored solutions that maximise efficiencies, business profitability, customer engagement and importantly, be interested in the overall growth and success of the business. In working with Brendan and the SENPOS team, it was clear to Luke that there is a ‘keen understanding of our business needs and a genuine interest in our success’, and with a strong understanding of the Clubs sector, SENPOS have a willingness to ‘support growth’.

SENPOS Point of Sale work within the Australian hospitality sector to create tailored point-of-sale solutions for clubs and other venues. From software and hardware demonstrations, integrations, roadmaps and more, transitioning to a trusted point-of-sale partner can be seamless. Get started today by submitting an enquiry.