Australians have always had a love for sport and as their local venue, you can enhance their passion by reminding them that you can be their go-to destination to catch every game while enjoying good food and beverage. This year, punters can enjoy the AFL and NRL Grand Finals during the October long weekend, which is a great opportunity for you to attract more customers. See our tips to delight customers during the Grand Final long weekend.

Schedule your public holiday surcharges

While the October long weekend will be bustling with football and rugby fans, penalty rates will be incurred for part of this time. For the hospitality industry, public holiday surcharges are crucial to helping cover staffing costs, which is why the surcharge scheduling function is a convenient feature for any venue. Save time and manual processes by scheduling specific surcharges across all your SENPOS devices, including the convenient Order-to-go online ordering system, and easily review the surcharge turnover once the surcharge is complete.

Offer special promotions and discounts

Offering promotions throughout the year is a great way to increase traffic, and for significant events like sports and long weekends, it’s a chance to run special or limited-time promotions and discounts differently. Plus, encourage customers to bring their mates to join the fun, which could be a catchy tagline as part of the incentive. There are many kinds of promotions, including, a Happy Hour, multi-buy or upsell offer, to name a few. A SENPOS system offers you control over a range of promotions with a simple step-by-step wizard, making it easy to create offers more often.

Spread the word throughout your venue

Communicating with customers while they visit your venue is paramount, and the instances where they can see your messages is vast. From waiting in line, making a purchase, and even travelling throughout your venue. With the ability to add images and signage, you can ensure customers see the latest offers and information.

Signage can be added to a SENPOS terminal rear display and members hub kiosk, as well as large screens where content can be pushed using the Visual Content application. To save time, you can also schedule content to run at specific times to ensure the right content appears and is removed when it’s no longer required. Some useful signage to consider are:

  • Promotions
  • Operating hours and public holidays
  • Upcoming events
  • Important notices
  • Membership

Send a targeted campaign

Member engagement is key to creating a positive experience for your customers, and personalised rewards are one way to achieve this. Our Member Insights module is a tool you can use to look through your member data and identify when they visit, their interests, what they buy and more. This information will enable you to create and send highly personalised campaigns fast, whether it’s for specific times of year or as evergreen rewards.

We have been helping hospitality venues across Australia boost customer engagement for over 30 years. It’s no secret we’re a sporting nation, and your venue can play an important part in growing this passion while enjoying good food and entertainment. Talk to our dedicated account managers today to learn how SENPOS can enhance your venue by bringing customers through your door, streamlining operations and maximising sales.