For hospitality venues, Christmas is one of the busiest trade periods of the year. While raffles, promotions and functions held throughout November and December are great engagers for members, Christmas day dining can generate quality interest and business. A set Christmas menu creates a delightful experience for your members and can be easily priced with your SENPOS Point of Sale. Here’s how to setup Christmas set menu pricing with SENPOS.

What are the benefits of a set Christmas menu?

A great way to upsell your food and beverage range is through a set menu, which can include several courses with the option for select add-ons, such as wine. With more venues now offering set menus for Christmas, creating an appealing menu is essential to make your package stand out. Now is the time to consider what your venue does best or is unique for and communicate to customers that they can enjoy this on Christmas day.

There are many variations to set menus you can offer, for example:

  • 3-course meal – Entrée, main and dessert
  • 2-course meal – Entrée and main
  • 2-course meal – Main and dessert

How to setup Christmas set menu with SENPOS

Adding your planned set menus is simple with the SENPOS Point of Sale Upsell Promotion function. The set menu variations are created which act as triggers once they are selected for purchase.

From here, staff are prompted to select the menu option the customer would like. For example, a customer would like to purchase a 2-course meal with entrée and main. The customer will be asked to select which entrée and main they would like.

There are additional features to this function that enhance any upsell promotion, which include and are not limited to:

  • Selecting membership tiers which promotion is available to
  • Creating upsell triggers – E.g. offering free garlic bread with the purchase of two pizzas
  • Awards for upsell item purchases

See the step-by-step guide to creating your Christmas set menu with the Upsell Promotion function on the SENPOS Learning Hub.

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