Looking to reward your members this Christmas? Why not consider a gift card for your venue that they can enjoy the next time they visit – or anytime after. With SENPOS Point of Sale, you can create a custom gift card to award to members that will show them how much you care. Here’s how you can reward customers with a gift card using SENPOS.

How do I create a gift card with SENPOS?

For any hospitality venue, nurturing loyal customers is essential any time of year. From discounts to dining offers, there are many ways to keep your members happy, regular visitors and proud referrers – plus eager to renew their membership.

A gift card created with SENPOS Point of Sale provides you control over the design and value. In addition, you can also create the criteria for how these are rewarded, such as through purchase, minimum spend or for specific membership tiers.

There are two types of gift cards you can create:

  1. A printed reward with set amount and expiry date, which you can simply print and cut internally.
  2. A pre-encoded gift card that can be swiped to load an amount (either for rewarding or purchase by customers). Consulting a member card designer can help create a stylish design that includes your branding.

Visit our SENPOS Learning Hub to see how you can easily reward customers with a gift card.

Promote your gift card reward

Communicating with your members about how they can receive a gift card is important. If your customers can increase their chances of being awarded a gift card through spend or participation, it’s essential to promote how to do so and key dates. Luckily, through SENPOS Visual Content and advertising via a terminal or kiosk, you can keep your members in the loop with your offer to ensure they don’t miss out.

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