Make every transaction count for your customers with Tyro EFTPOS and SENPOS. Did you know your SENPOS Point of Sale system integrates with leading payment platform Tyro? For peace of mind with EFTPOS payments, we’ve integrated with Tyro to minimise manual accounts processing and increase efficiencies throughout your venue. Get to know Tyro EFTPOS and how your venue can benefit from using SENPOS Point of Sale.

About Tyro EFTPOS

Tyro is one of Australia’s largest banking product providers with a strong presence in the hospitality sector through their EFTPOS terminals and mobile payment solutions. From pubs, clubs and restaurants, and more, Tyro can help deliver payments that meet the demands of busy venues.

Benefits of integrating Tyro with SENPOS Point of Sale system

By enabling data sharing between Tyro EFTPOS and SENPOS, you can ensure a seamless payment experience as well as:

  1. Reduced manual handling: Keep staff focused on delivering quality customer service and reduce unnecessary manual data entry.
  2. Increased financial accuracy: Eliminate the risk of incorrect financial data. Through integration, you can gain real-time access to financial data and stay across every transaction
  3. Real-time reporting: Reports are key to identifying trends and planning for the future. Set yourself for success by having simple access to your data.
  4. Secure customer data: Protect

How SENPOS integrate with Tyro EFTPOS

Another way to maximise the value of your SENPOS Point of Sale system is through integrations. Your venue will receive the following features from our Tyro EFTPOS integration:

  1. BarTab: Open a pre-authorised maximum spend tab for customers without the need to retain their credit card or identification.
  2. Integrated purchases: Integrated purchases initiate and complete an EFTPOS transaction from the POS without needing to manually enter the transaction amount in the EFTPOS machine.
  3. Integrated receipts: Give your customers one receipt, with their EFTPOS transaction details and invoice on the same paper printed from the POS.
  4. Integrated refunds: Initiate and complete an EFTPOS refund from the POS without needing to manually enter the refund amount in the EFTPOS machine.

Make every transaction count with SENPOS and Tyro EFTPOS

Make every transaction count with SENPOS Point of Sale and Tyro EFTPOS. If you’re an existing customer and need a little help with Tyro and SENPOS Point of Sale, visit our learning hub to learn easy troubleshooting tips.

Are you looking to transition to SENPOS Point of Sale or start integrating with Tyro EFTPOS? Talk to our dedicated account managers to learn how SENPOS Point of Sale can help streamline accounting processes to maximise efficiencies today.