For any club, golf club or other hospitality venue owner, keeping track of inventory contributes highly to the success of your operations, which is why conducting regular stocktakes is considered best practice. While manual stocktaking is still common, it can be time-consuming, tedious and present inaccuracies. Thanks to portable technologies like the SENPOS Roam 2, manual stocktaking can be replaced whilst enabling venue operators to save time and increase reporting accuracy.

How can the SENPOS Roam 2 help me master stocktakes?

The pain points our customers share about manual stocktakes are the number of staff it requires to fulfil the stocktake, how long they take and the inconsistencies that can arise once it’s complete. Designed to streamline the stocktaking process and help you take control of stock management, the SENPOS Roam 2 has five key features:

  1. Real-time stock control: Easily scan product barcodes from multiple venue areas and add the count into one simple workflow, such as beverages in a club bar area or merchandise sold in the golf pro shop. You can also perform spot checks to keep track of inventory between stocktakes.
  2. Integration with SENPOS Point of Sale ecosystem: The Roam 2 seamlessly integrates with your SENPOS point-of-sale ecosystem, creating a unified inventory management solution. As stocktake data syncs with the system, you see data in real time that can help with purchasing, pricing and improving efficiencies.
  3. Transfers: Quickly and accurately facilitate stock transfers between locations
  4. Enquire: Easily enquire about a product and see stock on hand in each location
  5. Reduce inaccuracies: Manual stocktaking can present errors and inconsistencies in how products are recorded. By using the Roam 2, all stock is captured correctly across the entire venue.
  6. Impressive design: The lightweight and brilliant 5-inch touchscreen makes for comfortable handling for staff. Plus, save on cumbersome charging with a 12-hour long lasting battery run time.

Most importantly, you’ll have technical support and advice from our local Support Team who are committed to helping you master stocktakes, gain the most value from your SENPOS Point of Sale system and more. As a SENPOS customer, you also gain access to our helpful Learning Hub to see quick guides and demonstrations to learn about your system and to train staff.

How can I transition to a SENPOS Roam 2?

Now could be the time to streamline the stocktaking process to save time and avoid double handling. Get started today by talking to our dedicated team.