Brendan Driscoll, Richard Worgan and David Potter from our team recently travelled to Queensland to connect with Australian golf businesses at the GMA + ASTMA Conference and Expo and discuss the latest POS updates from SENPOS. This year, we were thrilled to speak with new and long-time industry peers and customers and show them the exciting developments at SENPOS Point of Sale.

Pictured: Richard Worgan, legendary Tim Gilbert and Brendan Driscoll at the GMA 2024.

Talking SENPOS GO mobile POS

Following significant development and trial at multiple venues, we are pleased to offer SENPOS GO, which is our new mobile POS device that brings service to the customer with EFTPOS payments, all from one handheld POS device. SENPOS GO is user-friendly and will be the latest addition to your SENPOS eco-system.

SENPOS Software Shines

Our visitors and customers were also delighted to see a walk-through of our signature software that really drives customer engagement, including:

  • Integrating with MiClub – We seamlessly integrate our point-of-sale solutions with MiClub, our preferred golf and club management system provider. This integration streamlines operations, allowing the club to harness the full potential of both systems within a unified workflow. For example, it enables effortless searching for and selecting MiClub members using SENPOS, synchronising member account transactions, and more.
  • The latest Members Insights version – The ideal partner to any venue manager or owner looking to reward member activity, grow member engagement and promote visitation throughout your venue. This demonstration showed the back-end capabilities and how to create meaningful emails and SMS for your customers.
  • Visual Content – Communication is key when sharing offers with customers. Using Visual Content with large displays throughout your venue, you can ensure customers never miss a happy hour, know the next bingo and raffles dates, and much more.
  • Raffles and Member Draws  – What is more engaging than a raffle or members draw? With the capabilities of being drawn from various locations throughout your venue, managing these events is simple for staff. For true customer delight, look no further.
  • Back-of-house and front-of-house control – Our powerful back-of-house and front-of-house solution is the core of our product offering and integrates with your venue’s other solutions, such as payroll, gaming, and membership, to make your venue more efficient.


Our dedicated account managers are here to create the complete POS experience for your golf business. Whether you met us at the conference or expo, or simply looking to get started, contact Brendan Driscoll or Richard Worgan today.

Brendan Driscoll – Sydney, Central Coast, Southern NSW, Victoria and Queensland Regions / 0422 603 115

Richard Worgan – Regional NSW, WA and SA / 0413 085 318