In an ever-growing paperless environment, transitioning to digital has become necessary for hospitality venues of any size. A key area where paper has been king is in commercial kitchens with the use of order dockets, placing much responsibility on staff to manually create and then prioritise dockets. For any busy commercial kitchen, time is of the essence, which is where a digital solution like SENPOS Kitchen Monitors is invaluable. Here’s what any hospitality venue seeking to retire their kitchen printer, improve efficiencies and save money should consider.

Minimise manual handling

Keeping track of paper dockets can be an endless battle for busy staff. Kitchen monitors solve this problem by receiving new orders from your point of sale and conveniently placing them on the screen, allowing staff to remain front of house to help customers.

Increase order accuracy

When customer orders quickly pile, ensuring the correct order is prepared then delivered to the right table is crucial. This is particular for large group orders and changes to menu items to accommodate dietary requirements or unique requests. Communicating order details becomes simpler and easy to read, enabling kitchen staff to accurately complete orders without worry. Plus, the convenient touchscreen displays make for quick processing!

Did you know your mobile orders with OrderToGo can also be automatically added to your kitchen monitors too?

Improve service time

Managing time is essential to running a smooth kitchen and delivering a great customer experience. An important insight a SENPOS Kitchen Monitor can provide is a report for average wait time over a defined period, offering better visibility of service times.

Help the environment

Help your business minimise its environmental impact by swapping from paper to digital. Kitchen monitors are not only great for operations, but can reduce the waste your business produces.

Looking to learn more about how a SENPOS Kitchen Monitor can save your venue time and money whilst minimising unnecessary waste? Contact our team today.