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With the busy Christmas season on its way, hospitality venues are set to receive an influx of patrons seeking good dining, entertainment and offers. A key area which can guarantee happy members and guests is through the offers you run, which not only encourage visits but increase the chances of spend in other areas of your venue. Using SENPOS Visual Content digital displays, you can share valuable offers and promotions with patrons to drive engagement and membership. As we near the silly season, here are three simple and high-impact offers you can offer with these digital displays.

Christmas Raffles

Raffles are a great way to engage with members and even attract new guests, especially at Christmas. The kind of raffle can vary depending on the prizes on offer, allowing you to create a raffle as often as you wish. Your raffle will be run using the SENPOS in-built Raffle module, providing you greater control over the setup, ticket sales and scheduling.

Organising your raffle is simple, where entry tickets can be setup for purchase at the point of sale and using tablets or at your bar tills – making it more efficient for staff. In addition, you can also run promotions surrounding upcoming raffles to encourage additional spend and longer stays. For instance, ‘Receive 5 bonus tickets between 4.30 and 5.30pm’. Raffle draws can be triggered through SENPOS using a random selection process, which you can display through Visual Content to share with patrons.

Christmas promotions

A great way to appeal to your customers is through promotions. By offering a range of promotions you create an opportunity for members to visit at different times, try new products and even spend more than usual. The festive season becomes a hub for end-of-year gatherings, which can become great business for your venue.

Wondering what kind of promotions could you create? Happy hour, barrel draws and even upsell offers on certain products are simple and effective. Plus, don’t forget to loop in your Christmas Day dining options (such as set menus) and advertising on the back of the till screen when highlighting the events. Now is the perfect time to create your promotions and start highlighting them through Visual Content and back of till advertising to ensure your members don’t miss out.

Christmas vouchers

Show your members how much you care by rewarding them this Christmas. A voucher for your venue is a straight-forward way to encourage membership renewal, regular visitation, and referrals. Creating a voucher with your SENPOS point of sale provides you total control of the type and the amount which fits within your targets. Alongside this, you can also establish the criteria a member must meet to receive the voucher or be notified. For instance, ‘top tier members will receive a $50 dining voucher’ or ‘members with 5,000 points can convert points to a $50 voucher’.

As with any reward, promotion is important and essential if members can increase their chances of being rewarded. When setting up your voucher campaign, be sure to promote it through Visual Content to encourage members to claim their reward and participate.

Looking to learn more about sharing your Christmas promotions through SENPOS Visual Content displays? Contact a SENPOS specialist today.