Moorebank Sports Club Aerial View

We are pleased to welcome aboard Moorebank Sports Club (Sporties) as another venue benefitting from SENPOS Point of Sale.

Working with Brendan Driscoll to create a tailored solution, Food and Beverage Manager, Clayton Gadd can improve operations and delight customers. With the installation of SENPOS and new terminals, kiosks plus OrderToGo, the club benefits by:

  • Utilising the latest POS technology
  • Offering its member table ordering with OrderToGo
  • Capability to run tailored membership rewards programs
  • Streamlining inventory management
  • Enhance promotion capability using an all-in-one system

Clayton was keen to test drive SENPOS with his team and received ample training from Kara, peter and Lauren from our SENPOS support team.

With SENPOS now up and running, Clayton shared his experience working with Brendan and our team:

“Working with the team at SENPOS on implementing our new POS System here at Sporties was seamless from start to finish! Brendan was a great help in identifying what we needed and tailored our install to match. Kara, Peter and Lauren were fantastic through the implementation phase, working with me throughout the months leading up to the go-live date organising training, building databases, creating unique till maps and ensuring our transition was a complete success with little or no issues. Looking forward to working with the Senpos team and what the future holds.”

Are you looking to tailor your point-of-sale solution? Contact our SENPOS Point of Sale experts today.