We are pleased to announce our recent sponsorship of Leagues Clubs Australia (LCA), an association that plays an important role in shaping the future of the hospitality and clubs industry. Following the decision made by SENPOS Director, David Potter, this sponsorship will allow SENPOS to collaborate with another organisation committed to supporting our customers and the wider industry. In a recent conversation with Don Hammond, the association’s CEO, we discussed how the LCA contributes to the Australian clubs industry and the importance of developing partnerships.

Shaping the Future Together

The LCA serves as a vital platform to facilitate ‘collaboration and communication among clubs, other associations, the government, and regulators’, said Don. By uniting these stakeholders, the association creates a powerful network that fosters a ‘united front to address industry challenges and opportunities’, ultimately contributing to the industry’s growth.

Additionally, the LCA actively champions initiatives aimed at shaping the future of clubs, such as advocating for cashless gaming and considering new technologies that can help clubs remain adaptable in a dynamic industry. This forward-thinking approach positions clubs to navigate the evolving landscape with confidence.

The Importance of Industry Support

Industry support, exemplified by Leagues Clubs Australia efforts, is crucial for several reasons. It provides a platform for ‘collective problem-solving, resource-sharing, and knowledge exchange’, outlines Don, who furthers that this collaboration can enhance ‘the industry’s resilience’ in the face of challenges like economic fluctuations and external pressures. For Don, a united industry front ‘enables the development and implementation of standardised practices that promote accountability, ethical conduct, and community engagement’.

Industry sustainability

The Leagues Clubs Australia’s support is ‘instrumental in shaping the future and ensuring the sustainability of clubs’. The association places emphasis on collaboration, innovation, and responsible practices that underscore the ‘importance of a cohesive industry approach in navigating challenges and capitalising on opportunities’, describes Don. SENPOS are proud to support another industry organisation and look forward to collaborating and contributing to the growth and success of the industry and our furthermore customers.

SENPOS is also a supporter of the Club Manager’s Association and Golf Management Australia.