Our SENPOS and Sharp Office sales teams attended the INTEGRATE Expo in Sydney last week and were particularly excited to see the latest from the Australian producer of HDi Interactive smartboards, including the new 110” screen with 21:9 aspect ratio.

SENPOS recently helped St Georges Leagues Club and Belmont Golf Club install 86″ HDi boards in their boardrooms, and both clubs now enjoy the ease in which their meetings and video conferences now run.

Designed for video conferencing, presentations and meetings, and ranging in size from 55″ all the way up to the latest and largest 110″, the functionality and versatility of these multi-touch smart screens are suited to open-plan office spaces, meeting rooms, conference rooms, and presentation rooms. With a split screen option, HDi Interactive smartboards are the perfect solution for running video meetings and presentations simultaneously. The built-in air server allows any device to connect wirelessly with ease and then present on the screen that you can touch and use like a big tablet.

Featuring 20 points of interactive touch, 4K resolution display, Windows PC built-in, Hi-res camera and best-in-class microphone and speakers, this is a simple and elegant solution with all the tech you need in one package. Easy to set up, easy to use, and compatible with all operating systems and devices, HDi interactive smartboards make your meeting or presentation run smoothly.

HDi’s smartboards are developed, designed and built right here in Australia, so you get local knowledge paired with local support. SENPOS and our parent company, Sharp Office, proudly supply and install HDi interactive smartboards to our customer network.

If you would like more information about HDi Interactive smartboards, please get in touch with your account manager, Richard Worgan on 0413 085 318 or Brendan Driscoll on 0422 603 115.