We spoke with Michael Lewis, CEO of Hoppers Club in Melbourne where ten SENPOS tills, some tablets and kitchen video monitors were installed as they go paperless in the kitchen.

When the Club was looking to update their system, they did extensive research into Point of Sale Systems across all hospitality POS vendors. They also attended the AHG, speaking with all of the present POS vendors. Management found that the SENPOS team not only had extensive knowledge of the POS environment, but were able to answer all of their questions, address all of their pain-points and demonstrate the system really well.

SENPOS Sales Executive Brendan Driscoll was very accommodating and invited Michael into three venues that run SENPOS, allowing him to speak with the staff, managers and board members about how SENPOS was working in their venues. All gave glowing accounts of their experience with our products and team.

The SENPOS installation team was fantastic and worked closely with Hoppers with minimal disruption to their business. The staff are loving the simplicity of the front of house operations on the till. Hoppers are also very happy with the level of support they have received during installation and ongoing.

Additionally, Hoppers management are impressed with the fact that they could engage with SENPOS senior management, including Sales Director David Potter and MD George Tuntevski throughout the transition process.

We look forward to our ongoing partnership with Hoppers Club!