Whilst clubs, hotels and other hospitality venues everywhere grapple with forced closures due to COVID-19, many are looking at ways to keep their members and patrons engaged during the downtime. Now is the time to look at how you are continuing to engage with the community and your members and what strategies you can implement to re-engage for when the doors DO open again. Some ideas include:

  • Offers to Sections of the Community – Reward teachers or healthcare workers with FREE coffee or food. Deliver to schools or offer drive by pick-ups.
  • Extend Member Offers – Review members that missed their birthday and those that did not get the chance to redeem an offer before expiry and re-send the offer. Where possible allow the offer to be redeemed in the first month or two of opening.
  • Unfinished Offers or Promotions – Look to restart these and possibly reward those already invested in the offers and promotions with an extra bonus to gain re-engagement.
  • Point Expiry – Consider how you might deal with point expiry. Possibly extend 30 days after the regular expiry date post-opening.
  • Build your Mobile phone and Email Database – Where you have missing email and mobile numbers in your member database, run an offer to collect these details. Delivery of the offer could be by regular post.

General Tip – don’t leave your re-engagement strategy until the last minute! Plan now and make sure you are ahead of the game for when re-openings are announced.