With venues re-opening, the question right now is “How many members will return and how quickly?”
Wouldn’t it be great if you knew your Members’ exact preferences? Knew the last time they visited? Knew if they were missing from your venue prior to lockdown AND if you had a way to reach them quickly and efficiently by sending them a personalised offer.

Fetch Venue Marketing has the ability to report on all gaming, food and beverage transactions of each individual Member allowing you to personalise offers quickly and effectively.  Here are a few ways it can help your business at this crucial time.

  • Send exact offers to Members’ based on previous known spend. Fetch can identify all products, restaurants & bars they have previously spent at. Sending a personalised offer lets them know you understand them. Alternately, you can send an open offer giving them the option to spend it on whatever they like.
  • Send offers to Members’ who were missing prior to close-down. Identify these Members, their previous value (both food & beverage and gaming), their member tier AND send them an offer to welcome them back.
  • Ensure you understand the ROI. Fetch can measure redemptions via specific QR-Codes and then let you know what and where the Member spent on the day of offer redemption, as well as over the offer period.

Fetch Venue Marketing increases the likelihood of re-engagement and return – threefold!

  • Data shows that an ‘offer re-engaged Member’ is more than three times as likely to continue to visit than those not redeeming offers. Make the offers personal and timely to ensure continued return.
  • Send offers quickly via SMS or email. Alternatively, send by post and regain those older Members’ who still prefer an offer in hand.

Ensure that when Members start heading out again, they are coming to you first!