With customers now required to be seated when dining, it has never been more important to explore ways to gain better efficiencies and improve hygienic practices around food and beverage ordering.

Online ordering from a personal device is one of those options to explore. Mobile ordering platforms can be well equipped to deliver on customer convenience and venue efficiencies. With full integration to the club’s membership platform and to back of house software, these platforms have the capacity to fully synchronise with your point of sale system so there is no double handling of information. Staff are left available to create and deliver the order to the table. It also removes the need for physical menus as the menu options are presented to the customer on their device.

For those customers not quite ready to advance to online ordering and who still enjoy the experience of table service, using tablets that are fully integrated to your point of sale system is another option. Connected by Wi-Fi, wait staff can essentially take the POS to the customer and input orders directly into the system. The order is processed and sent straight to the kitchen so there is no need for staff to walk back and forth. This is another efficient and hygienic way of streamlining the process of table ordering.