Bring Customers Back with Member Insights

What if you knew exactly what your members’ habits were? When they visited your venue, what they ate and drank, what areas in the venue they frequented and what events brought them in.

What if you could also use this information to send highly personalised offers they could not resist? Using behavioral data for marketing has long proven to be a highly effective form of marketing because the aim is to appeal to the individual’s personal interests and/or demographics. Being more targeted in your approach greatly improves offer uptake and there is also less chance you are irritating your customers by bombarding them with offers and campaigns that don’t interest them.

If you have not yet discovered SENPOS’ Member Insights Module it might be time to take a look. This intelligent module gives you the ability to target your campaigns to those members that meet certain criteria. For example, you may like to host a paid Gin tasting event. The Member Insights Module will give you the ability to advertise this event to a select group such as gender, aged between and regularly purchases ‘Gin’. The details of the event can then be pushed via SMS or email to your select group, increasing the chances of offer uptake and bringing them into your venue. This is just one example of how Member Insights can work.