Hospitality has been one of the key industries affected by COVID-19 and most venue owners across Australia have been forced to make significant operational changes and quickly adapt to the circumstantial impacts of the virus. For those trading through this the ever-evolving situation, coming up with ways to meet this changed market has been quite a challenge. Here are 8 ideas to consider:

  1. Create promotions around pre-ordering specialty meals and bundle with drinks, such as beer or wine. Meals could be fully cooked or par-cooked to allow customers to finish preparation at home. After work pick-up times present an ideal opportunity for sales.
  2. Over communicate what you are doing to ensure cleanliness and compliance with restrictions in your venue.This will make patrons feel more comfortable when visiting your venue. Post on social media to get the message out, coupled with a booking link.
  3. For dine-in customers, be sure to take orders and card payment at the table to avoid queues and contact between people and credit cards.
  4. Taking orders with a tablet integrated to the POS and kitchen printer, can mean less back and forth for the waitstaff and will streamline the process of table ordering.
  5. Look to have your menus digitised and available on smart phones. Not only does this mean less touching and cleaning of menus, the menu choices can be made and paid for by the customer online and the order sent directly to the kitchen to prepare.
  6. Create Offers that will not break the bank. If you have built a customer database send personalised offers via sms or email to encourage patronage.
  7. Positive messaging on a screens, advertising panels or kiosks can keep the mood up-beat. Add a touch of comedy to keep customers smiling.
  8. Use live streaming to engage with customers at home. This could include events, meal creation in the kitchen or cocktail making sessions. Get live and creative to encourage future patronage.