To keep your business successfully trading in the face of restrictions, you may have scrambled to find an online ordering solution to suit your immediate needs, however, finding the right product that will successfully serve your venue and your customers well into the future takes careful consideration. Standalone ordering platforms can have hidden downsides, including poor or no integration with your point of sale system, ongoing transaction fees, lack of control over your business & customer data, and if it does have a rewards program, it likely won’t fit with your existing program.

The SENPOS Mobile Ordering Platform fully integrates to your SENPOS point of sale system which makes excellent business sense. The set-up is simple and you will find the seamless connection with your POS system invaluable. Enjoy numerous benefits including:

✔ What you currently sell on the POS can be synced and sold on the online platform, be it food, beverage or even raffle tickets!

✔ Promotions and upsell offers set-up for the venue can also be synced to your online ordering platform, boosting your sales.

✔ Your Members Rewards program will function online just as it would at the POS, meaning members can access and use their existing points balance and rewards.

✔ Customer data collected via the online platform becomes part of your POS data, providing ongoing opportunity to grow your customer database.

✔ Integrated reporting allows you to schedule automated reports including previous day’s online trade and comparisons.

Don’t settle for something that will give you limited functionality with minimal value-add. With full integration, both you and your customers will reap the rewards and appreciate the value of online ordering now and into the future.

Contact: Brendan Driscoll 0422 603 115  OR  Sarah Maybury 0413 085 318