Raffles are a great way to encourage patronage and they never fail to lift the atmosphere in the room. The question is, how effectively does your point of sale system run raffles and what are the benefits of running raffles through the POS?

Designed to benefit the venue owner, SENPOS’ in-built Raffles module has many features. It not only allows you to gain greater control and efficiencies around raffles it also gives you ample opportunity to boost ticket sales (whether that be for a charity organisation or not) PLUS encourage overall patron spend within your venue.

One of the most convenient features is raffles can be pre-programmed ahead of time and be scheduled to run indefinitely, like a Friday evening every week. There is no need for someone to be out roaming the floor with a cash bucket, as tickets can be sold at any time leading up to the raffle at the point of sale, using tablets or even online. This means there are more opportunities to make sales and less need for people to pay in cash, which they often don’t have.

Creating raffle ticket promotions encourages additional spend and prolongs patronage. Running a raffle ticket promotion, for example ‘Get 5 bonus tickets between 4.30 & 5.30pm’ will tempt patrons to stay longer at your venue, at the very least until the raffle draw. You can also award raffle tickets to patrons for purchasing a meal or use them as an upsell offer to promote a particular product, all of which encourages additional spend and boosts your takings.

Raffle draws can be triggered through SENPOS and using a random selection process, displayed live on large screens throughout the venue, creating excitement!

To find out more about SENPOS Raffles, CONTACT US on 1300 621 313 or talk to your sales rep Brendan Driscoll 0422 603 115 or David Potter 0402 018 144.