Service NSW is rolling out the second phase of the Dine and Discover Vouchers to residents in the Northern Beaches, Sydney CBD and the Bega Valley. It won’t be long until they will be available state-wideIf you haven’t registered with Service NSW as a participating venue, check all the information provided on their website HERE.

What can SENPOS do to accommodate Dine and Discover Vouchers?
Firstly, you will need a device such as a mobile or a tablet to scan the customer vouchers to allow you to redeem the voucher from Service NSW. SENPOS has two options to accommodate the vouchers and record the use of voucher in the system.

Option 1. Create a media button on your tills and set it to a maximum of $25 that can be used as part of a transaction. This option requires the till operator to scan the customer Dine and Discover Voucher with a device before allocating the $25 media button to the transaction.

Option 2. Create a promotion in SENPOS that awards your members or non-members with a $25 voucher that they can spend on meals or eligible activities within your venue. This option is best done on a designated till or at reception where a customer can exchange their Dine and Discover Voucher with the SENPOS promotion voucher. The staff member will scan the customer’s voucher with a mobile device and then provide a $25 SENPOS voucher to the customer.

As with any promotion, there are a few variables that can be applied to Option 2.If you would like assistance, please contact us.