The Service NSW Dine & Discover vouchers are now available to all NSW citizens over the age of 18. Coupled with the further easing of COVID restrictions from March 29, the time is ripe for a revenue boost! Something you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

As it goes, the rules have been changing and now vouchers can be used every day, including public holidays and the way the vouchers can be redeemed has also changed. Find all the current information at

HERE are some top tips for using Dine & Discover Vouchers with SENPOS.

Tip 1. You will need a device, such as a mobile or a tablet, to scan the customer vouchers at each location in your venue you will be accepting them. Scanning the customer’s voucher on the device before completing the sale on the till is an essential first step in any sale with a voucher.

Tip 2. Create a media button on your tills and name it accordingly, for example, Dine & Discover, and set it to a maximum of $25.

Tip 3. If the total order amount is $25 or above, allocate the full $25 Dine & Discover button to the sale. Any remaining amount owing may be allocated in usual ways such as cash, card or points.

Tip 4. If the total sale amount is below $25, allocate the exact amount, for example, $10.95 on the Dine & Discover button to complete the payment. Note: The remaining voucher amount will be forfeited to Service NSW.

Tip 5. If a customer is using more than one voucher for the sale, you can allocate the Dine & Discover button to the sale more than once. For example, the sale amount is $60 and the customer may like to combine their and their partner’s voucher to the sale. You can press the Dine & Discover button more than once. Note: people can only redeem one voucher per day at a business, however, they can combine their voucher with another person’s voucher towards the same bill.

Tip 6. As an alternative to using a media button, you may like to create a promotion in SENPOS that awards your members or non-members with a $25 venue voucher that they can spend on meals or eligible activities anywhere in your venue. Best done on a designated till or at reception, where a customer can exchange their Dine & Discover voucher with the $25 venue voucher.

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