Google knows our every move on the internet. Facebook owns our social identity. Between them, they know our personal details, demographics, friends, contacts, interests, location, where we shop and more!  We all know these platforms leverage off the information they collect about us to allow companies to continually market to us, and their re-targeting methods are becoming more and more specific to our interests, making their offers hard to resist.

SENPOS Members Insights works off this same premise but without the aggressive stalking on the internet! By recording information against the member’s card when they sign-up, sign-in or transact, you are building a knowledge base about that member. When they visit, what they like to eat and drink, what their interests are, such as live music, bingo, raffles etc. Their demographics such as age, sex, postcode, marital status. The more you know, the more you can use that information to advertise and promote, based on the member’s specific information and interests. It’s now a common but proven marketing method that works!

Collecting this information through SENPOS is easy, as it happens with every swipe of the member’s card, but it’s the way you utilise this information that will give you a competitive edge. With the Members Insights Module, you can create highly targeted marketing campaigns and send redeemable offers to members that appeal to their specific interests, therefore, making it much more likely they will return to your venue, time and time again!