Efficient stock management is crucial for maximising profits and lowering waste in any hospitality business. From performing regular stocktakes to managing stock, an intuitive point-of-sale (POS) solution like SENPOS can help simplify stock management.

Stock tracking

Once stock is entered its tracked through to the final sale, this detailed tracking enables venues to compare stock figures and levels, quickly identifying any variances that could occur. A key feature of SENPOS stock management is the Purchase Order Module, which streamlines the purchasing process to allow larger venues to control ordering across multiple locations with the added security of centralised authorisation. SENPOS seamlessly integrates with major supplier partners for automated purchase ordering and is designed to prevent over or under-ordering, so you can control inventory levels without surprises. By ensuring the right amount of stock is ordered as necessary, hospitality businesses can reduce waste and save on costs.

Fast PLU setup

Saving time is also important for venue operators, which is why an easy PLU (price look-up) setup can help with managing products and gaining valuable time in your day. Customised to your venue needs, it’s simple to coordinate individual items, bulk products, cartons, menu items, or recipes, SENPOS helps you stay in control of stock levels, reducing waste and maximising savings.

Mobile stocktaking

Manual stocktakes can be challenging due to the number of staff required, its lengthy process and inconsistencies. The SENPOS Roam 2 stocktaking device is designed to streamline stock management with five key features, including real-time stock control for easy barcode scanning and spot checks, seamless integration with the SENPOS Point of Sale eco-system for inventory management, efficient stock transfers, quick product enquiries, and reduced inaccuracies in stock records. With the Roam device, you can master stocktaking while on-the-go.

Now could be the time to streamline the stocktaking process to save time, reduce double handling and achieve stock certainty. Get started today by talking to our team.